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  Are you looking for additional skills training for the team?

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  Does your child need to strengthen their skills?

In today’s world, where kids have surrendered much of their time to video games, cell phones and the Internet, it is extremely important for the sake of their health and well-being that we as parents introduce into each child a daily habit of some form of physical exercise. Various programs in different kinds of sports around the country are designed to encourage kids to get out of the house, enjoy their time and keep the fun alive while exercising their minds and bodies and soccer is one of those activities that kids can take part in.



Soccer is spectacular sport, extremely popular around all over world and that continues to grow in the United States. Research shows that it will eventually, at some point in time, be the number one sport in the country, as it is now in almost every country in the world. When kids are getting more sedentary, the early practice of soccer can help develop relevant skills and fitness habits. All sports provide numerous benefits to the kids but soccer is the only competitive sport that helps them develop their flexibility and cordination, their muscle strength and their cardiovascular endurance, as well as build their self-confidence and self-esteem.


U6 FC KAOS_120614 014

For kids who love the game of soccer, a soccer academy can be the place where dreams begin. It is a massive commitment for the kids and their parents but is a very rewarding and enjoyable one. The benefits and advantages of joining a soccer academy are bigger than most people realize and are greater than any concerns the parents may have. A soccer academy represents a great opportunity for the kids, as it offers all the tools they need to develop physically, emotionally, socially and psychologically. The main purpose of these organizations is to offer a pleasant learning experience to young soccer players, making sure that each one of them develops to their full potential. They are challenged to identify and develop their weaknesses and accentuate their strengths so that they can grow not only as great athletes but also as outstanding individuals. The kids are integrated in a positive environment where they enjoy themselves, interact with others and find the perfect way to stay healthy. Another important aspect is that it keeps the kids out of trouble and helps them grow and develop the right way.   FC KAOS 122014 011







The kids are offered the chance to work with professional and experienced coaches that teach them the basic requirements that a young player must have in order to succeed. Soccer is a team sport that no player, no matter how talented or gifted, can win on his own. Because of that, aspects such as teamwork, tactics and leadership, among others, are some of the skills they learn to develop. Where and how kids learn and develop themselves has always been considered as relevant as what they learn. That is why these soccer academies are so important for the parents, for the kids and for their future and the future of this great sport!


U11 FC KAOS Team

The FC KAOS soccer club program designed for age appropriate skill and fitness development from ages 4 and up. Through a variety of training methods and activities, FC KAOS soccer club is a total soccer development program. With our coaching model dedicated to successful player development, we build our player’s self-esteem and creative abilities that accelerate the learning process. We have proven over the last 30 years of playing and coaching that the technical, tactical, psychological and physical aspects of the player cultivated and refined at an early age. Through proven methods, FC KAOS soccer club has produced successful, enthusiastic passionate soccer players with improved confidence and self-esteem to play at a higher level.  

1st Place Champs Fall 2014

1st Place Champs Fall 2014


                                                   Advance your game

                                                   • Improve your skills

                                                   • Fitness and conditioning

                                                   • Technical skill development

                                                   • Tactical skill development

                                                   • Increase your speed and agility

                                                   • Position specific training

                                                   • Nutritional programs

                                                    • Coaching


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3 out of 4 Teams finished 1st place last season

4 out of 8 Teams finished 1st place last season

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