Click on the FC KAOS Shop link below to order your FC KAOS gear


Type in fckaos (lower case) as your access code then set up your own account

For all available Admiral items see the link below for the complete catalog:

More itesm can be found at


FC KAOS Teams already stands out on the field with their winning record now they will STAND OUT ON THE FIELD with professional uniforms from Admiral!

FC KAOS Youth Soccer Club has entered into an agreement with Admiral to create our

online Shop for FC KAOS players, families and fans. 

“There are a million teams out there wearing red and white or blue and white and you never know who they are when you see them on the field. I went to a tournament and saw a team wearing unique colors and found that they were wearing Admiral. I pulled up the Admiral website when I got back to the house and found that they have a “kit builder”, which was wonderful. I used the kit builder and designed our kit in our colors and loved it! Our club is no longer tied to the four primary colors that other major uniform vendors offer and the styles will continue since we developed the kit. This is great for the kids, who after paying their annual fees, now won’t have to spend additional money purchasing new uniforms each year as they become discontinued. Admiral provides us with a unique look at a more competitive price.”

The process is now easier than ever for all players and fans to order product direct and have it delivered direct to your door step.





Save money, buying factory direct

Stand out on the field with a unique custom kit

Easy online ordering

Worn by Champions! Michigan Bucks 2014 USL PDL Champions Austin Aztex 2013 USL PDL Champions

WHY ADMIRAL ? . . . Get what pro teams wear at an affordable price. Now all our teams can afford an authentic soccer brand worn by legends and champions. Why pay more for the same limited styles, colors & availability from other brands? We have designed the kit and its available on-line. There’s no limit to the; styles, colors, lifespan or minimum quantities.

This make ordering easy with our own online club store. Admiral has worked with us to design, stock and deliver unique custom team wear, training gear, coaches apparel, balls, bags, accessories and gift items all with our club logo

The Admiral’s FC KAOS Club Shop is the perfect place to allow players and supporters to browse our team’s products from the team kit, travel wear, accessories and spirit wear including fleeces, caps and scarves. .

Direct shipping – The same FC KAOS Club Shop is open for club orders and sales direct to players, coaches and fans with shipping direct to the club or home. This removes the burden for our youth clubs of managing cash payments, ordering kits and distribution of merchandise.

Fitting Room “Admiral has developed a very useful tool to help you size your kit. Simply go to the fitting room, print a measuring tape and measure your chest and waist. Then use the sliders to input your measurements and the tool will provide a guide on sizing for you.

Steps to get you started:

1. Click on the link at the top of the page 

2. Create your own personal accountAdmiral_FC_KAOS_Soccer_Store_08-18-15

3. Browse each of the tabs



4. Order and pay

5. Product is delivered direct to your address of choice

Uniform Care Instruction

Uniform Care Instruction


Hope that you enjoy this new feature offered by the FC KAOS Youth Soccer Club and Admiral

Coach Jason, Director of Coaching, FC KAOS Youth Soccer Club

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